Project Spark

Inspiring the next generation of content makers...

Project Spark aims to allow young people to learn media skills in a fun and supportive environment during our after school and holiday workshops


Our Story

All of those of us who are involved with Project Spark have always been interested in the media, how it is created and wanted to learn more. 

When we were growing up, there was nothing in the local area to support this interest. That is why we are all really excited about Project Spark and finding that next generation of media professionals. 


Media creation is more accessible than ever, as is a potential audience. We want to pass on our knowledge to help the young people of Salisbury and South Wiltshire produce great content. 

Our Team

Andy Munns.jpg

Andy Munns

Multimedia Producer

Beth Doherty

Digital Producer

Aimee Edwards

TV Producer

Verity Wishart

Broadcast Producer